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01 We Are Our Roots

Cultural Identity + Community Arts Festival 

A visual language and identity campaign that sheds light on the Nahuatl language indigenous to México. 

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02 Beyond the Barrio

Publication + Exhibition

Art exhibition and catalog showcasing six artists who contributed to the Chicano Art Movement.

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03 Blacksmith Tattoo Kit

Packaging + Lettering

A brand identity and packaging system catered to tattoo artists. This is a four component starter kit for begginers and professional artists. 

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04 Drizly App

Rebrand + Visual Identity

Identity rebrand for “Drizly” the largest on demand alcohol delivery service and  marketplace app.   

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05 NDE Skateboards

Branding + Cultural Identity

Indigenous owned and designed but not limited skateboarding brand.

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06 Pressed 

Promotional Campaign

Promotional ad campaign for pressed, geared toward action sports and marketed as the new energy drink.

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