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06 Pressed 

Advertising Campaign
The goal was to develop a fresh and unique approach for a promotional ad campaign. I spearheaded the project with two other team members who captured photography and filmed a one minute promotional video.
*Hypothetical project for educational purposes only!
*Not for sale or Reproduction!

My Role: Graphic Design + Creative Direction + Actor
Models/Actors: Brian Gonzalez + Bogui Adjorlolo
Photography: Eric Chang + Erron Estrada

Film Design: Ziyue (Alex) Hu
Client: Hypothetically Pressed

Photographic Style

Promotional Campaign
I repositioned Pressed as the newest 100% natural energy drink catered to action sports. Through research I realized skateboarding athletes were targeted and sponsored by energy drinks with no nutritional value. Pressed reset shot was the perfect substitute for action sports to utilize a energy drink with all natural ingrdients.

1st Set Vertical Banners + Window Cling

2nd Set Large Scale Vertical Banners 

3rd Set Digital/Web Horizontal Banners

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