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02 Beyond the Barrio

Publication + Exhibition
(Book Design/Typography/Print)

Beyond the Barrio is a Chicano Art exhibition and book cataloging the curation of six artists who contributed to the Chicano Art Movement during the 1960s–80s and beyond. This book explores in detail specific movements that shaped the Chicano Art scene in and around the greater Los Angeles area. From freeway underpasses to murals that adorned businesses and street walls, were all utilized as canvases. Some of the most iconic and influential artists range from Carlos Almaraz to Chaz Bojorquez who both made enormous contributions to Chicano culture. Their unique styles are still relevant today.

*Hypothetical project for educational purposes only!
*Not for sale or Reproduction!

My Role: Book Design + Typography + Curation 
Photography: Erron Estrada + Jasmin Jimenez

 Entrance into the book

Intro + Essay

Artists Plates + Bios

Exhibition History + Checklist + Colophon

Promotinal Posters + Exhibition
I took it a step further designing a set of posters that highlighted the artist’s work capturing the essence of the Chicano Movement. Furthermore, the posters take you from the streets, to the museum, and beyond. Quetzalcoatl or the feathered serpent is a reoccurring Aztec motif used throughout the book, posters, and gallery entrance symbolizing the merger of opposite forces, movement, and duality.

Gallery Entrance
Designated Artist Rooms
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